Concertino for two guitars & strings

October 16, 2015

Wolpe Fund Concert
Leonard Nimoy Thalia @ Symphony Space

with new works Dawe, Wyner, Meltzer.

My *Concertino*

I didn't intend this.  It just happened--the Ennio Morricone opening.   It's Bill & Oren as R2D2 & 3CPO / the two loners in Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress / various Sergio Leone figures / Quentin Tarrantino, etc....  

After Tarrantino, & Star Wars, the American picaresque brings to mind Faulkner & Pynchon, but preceded by Melville's Israel Potter and Confidence Man.  

I am terribly fond of Thomas Mann's Felix Krull:

Felix asks himelf:  "which is better, to see the world small or to see it big?"  The question becomes a pragmatic issue. People will like him more if he treats the world as "a great and infinitely enticing phenomenon offering priceless satisfactions..."   He admits that "It has always been a part of my hold  insinctively" to the positive outlook.

Joaquin Rodrigo's Fandango is more tricky.   There is a very simple, even dopey picaresque tune--

C# D E -  E  - F# - F# - E

In the middle it appears once, and fleetingly in a poignant minor mode, earnest, entreating, but that is immediately wiped away with mischievous, howling laughter.

Aranjuez--  the guitar and the orchestra arrive at C# minor together, just prior to the cadenza, but the the orchestra moves away toward C minor, leaving the guitar all alone in C# minor for the cadenza.

Picaresque music can be campy, but Baroque concerti are quite one with the picaresque ethos.  (?)

So Bill & Oren are roaming around the 5 boroughs and end up in Jackson Heights.  We end up somewhere with a burnt bridge that we have to unburn, or we have to put a genie back into a bottle.  

Many, many thanks to Zaidee Parkinson & Alanna Maharajh Stone, and the Wolpe Fund for their support for this work and for Djuna Barnes settings from 2014.