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Recently performed solo in Istanbul, Florence and NYC (Spectrum).  New music and early music in Sicily--works by Harold Meltzer, Damon Ferrante, William Anderson, Tolga Tuzun, Sinan Ersahin, and Alper Maral.

and they fell one by one
by Tolga Tuzun

October 16, 2015

Wolpe Fund Concert
Venue, TBA





New works by Anderson, Dawe, Wyner, Meltzer

Just digesting this, after setting it aside it for some months
---> 2015 Wolpe Show
(with great thanks to Zaidee Parkinson & Alanna Maharajh Stone)
@ the Thalia
Yehudi Wyner's *Pluck* (Puckish plucking....HA!)


Anderson *Concertino*


Harold Meltzer *from a book of beautiful monsters*
setting poems by the wonderful, brilliant young poet Arcacelis Girmay


Jonathan Dawe *Crack Concerto*


Yehudi's piece is a gorgeous, ripened 20th C. language that he infuses with hints of Americana. The other three are echt 21st C. works, with nary a scent of musty 100-year old Boulanger octotonic..., no? (Please tell me if I'm fooling myself. 21st C. is important to me.)
Picaresquely, my Concertino lets loose a genie from its bottle, and then tries to put it back in. Also, a number of Carter things reconfigured--harmonies broken down into "aspects", but not in a pitch field--always kept in motion in a way that's not very Carter-like at all. --Composer should not play his piece! He is wrapped up in compositional issues, notational, interpretive issues, gets distracted, and messes it up. So inaccuracies here and there, all my fault! -----> Many, many thanks to the great work of Koh Kazama, Kinga Augustyn, Keats Dieffenbach, Serafim Smigelskiy, Jocelin Pan!
Elizabeth Farnum, soprano (Meltzer)
June Han, harp (Wyner)
Oren Fader, guitar (Anderson, Wyner, Meltzer)


December 2
Riverside Symphony @ Merkin Hall

Anderson's Djuna Barnes Settings, for Vox n Plux + String Orchestra


December 8
Cygnus @ the Morgan Library & Museum
Hemingway Between the Wars

Archival materials coming soon.

works by Damon Ferrante, Jessie Montgomery, Laura Kaminsky, Errollyn Wallen,  Geroge Antheil and Ezra Pound.