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In celebration of Charles Wuorinen's 75th Year:
An exclusive premiere release of


the brilliant little solo guitar piece



Furious Artisans

Hausmusik - music by Ernst Kreneck, Paul Hindemith, William Anderson, Jonathan Dawe, Hans Erich Apostel, Robert Martin, Olga Gorelli

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With Oren Fader, Marc Wolf guitars
Jacqueline Leclair, oboe, Jacqueline Carrasco, violin
Joan Forsyth and Raj Bhimani, piano
Tom Zajac, recorder



Furious Artisans
Ab nou cor

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title track-- Ab nou cor, for theorbo and soprano (Anderson & Abghari)
Farai un vers,   for soprano, 2 guitars and cello
Genius Loci,   for guitar & mandolin
Merlin I,  for soprano, 2 guitars and cello

Furious Artisans
Le Cirque (Anderson-Fader guitar duo)

featuring Sidney Corbett's Archipel Chagall II: Le Cirque
for 2 guitars and soprano


First recordings of works by Sidney Corbett, Robert Pollock, Martin Rokeach, David Lang, Charles Wuorinen, William Anderson, and more.....

Music of Johann Kaspar Mertz  

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Mertz:  Biedermeier Romanticism includes a real understanding of nature (beyond good and evil).  Mertz gets this, as does Adalbert Stifter.  The discussions of German Romanticism could all benefit from a great deal more attention to Stifter.  Stifter's *Granite*, suffices.  A naughty boy gets taken on a long walk with his grandfather, who tells the boy a story about the plaugue in the mountainous region of Bohemia.  Place names derive from plague time, yet the people have forgotten, no longer thinking about the meaning behind the names.  Mertz gets this, as does the Schubert of Die Winterreise.  Mertz starts on the path toward Mahler, just as Stifter paves the way for Nietzsche.  (Nietzsche loved Stifter.)


Emergency Music
Bang on a Can, live

Lizard Belly Moon, and electric guitar quartet by Mary Wright
William Anderson, with Mark Stewart, John Tamburello, and Robert Black

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Soundspells Productions

Guitar Music of Meyer Kupferman, vol.1
William Anderson, guitar solo, and with Oren Fader, guitar and Joan Forsyth, piano

"Anderson's playing is of a very high order of dexterity, virtuosity, and brilliance, and is indicative of the tremendous advances made in guitar technique over the past four decades..... Though Kupferman does not play guitar, his compositions over many years display a deep understanding of the instrument's range, potential, and tonal colors. At the same time he is always pushing the performer and the instrument to the limits of possibility, and he takes it a million miles from the pleasant Spanish strumming that has persisted well into this century...For Kupferman it is an instrument that can take its place in music of our time and should be released from that image of pleaseant background music." - David Denton, Fanfare


Diary of a Seducer

Robert Martin epic Diary of a Seducer; and Charles Wuorinen's Sonata for Guitar and Piano, 1995, and old works by Babbitt and Carter, with Oren Fader, Mark Delpriora, guitars; and Joan Forsyth, piano

CRi (Now merged with New World Records)     iTunes link








Furious Artisans
A Noise Did Rise
music of Jonathan Dawe

Includes The Siren, for guitar, viola and countertenor
featuring Mark Rimple, countertenor, William Anderson, guitar, James Hogg, viola

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The Siren:  I. First Fantasy
The Siren:  II. Ballade
The Siren:  III. Second Fantasy
The Siren  IV.  Ground


Bridge Records
Chinary Ung's Luminous Spirals

title track, for flute, guitar, 'cello

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with Da Capo Chamber Players


Charles Wuorinen's Sonata for Guitar and Piano &
Psalm 39 for Guitar & Baritone

on Albany Records, and available on itunes    iTunes Link

reviewed in Fanfare:

"--virtuosos in their own right, and together produce chamber music proper...close observance of each other's actions...a very tight performance."
Fanfare Magazine--May/June 2009

Arthur Kreiger's Suitable Attachments
with New York New Music Ensemble

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Rituals: Sacred and Profane
music by Edward Smaldone

including Diptych, for solo guitar

links to iTunes previews:

1. Preludio
2. Dansa

Soundspells Productions

Goin' Home
for guitar quartet, with Roberto Limon, William Anderson, Marc Wolf, and Oren Fader



New Music With Guitar, vol. 5
Bridge Records  - Milton Babbitt's Soli e Duettini, Anderson & Fader


Open Space 14

Robert Morris - A collection of works by Robert Morris, including the Anderson/Fader Duo in a performance of Tête à Tête.


Bridge Records
Music of Milton Babbitt

Premiere recording of Swan Song No. 1, with
Soli e Duettini

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"confident and eloquent" ...

"...Performance--5 Stars...
....Sound --5 Stars ---"
---BBC Music, March, 2004



Strings & Time
Music of Akemi Naito


Winter Shadow, with Anderson & Fader duo


Soundspells Productions
Summer Music, for flute, cello, and 2 guitars


Soli e Duettini, (Music of Milton Babbitt)
Koch - Cavalier Settings, with William Anderson, guitar and Niel Farrel, tenor


"The performances are top-notch -- it would be foolhardy to approach a Babbitt score with anythingless than relaxed virtuosity."

"If you're not familiar with Babbitt's music, this is undoubtedly the most pleasant way yet to begin an acquaintanceship." - Fanfare



Jersey Sessions, Volume 2 - Milton Babbitt's Composition for Guitar
Soon to be available on itunes


Stephen Jaffe's Designs

for flute, guitar, and percussion