William Kentner Anderson

Djuna Barnes Settings  (2014 Wolpe Fund commission) First performance at the Italian Academy at Columbia University, October 2014.   Thanks to Zaidee Parkinson & Alanna Maharajh Stone.

*Concertino* (2015 Wolpe Fund commission) 
First performacne at the Leonard Nimory Theater @ Symphony Space.  Ever thankful to Zaidee Parkinson & Alanna Maharajh Stone.

Folksongs 2011
commissioned by the NYC Classical Guitar Society
--dedicated to Jason Sagebiel and the NYCCGS Guitar Orchestra

Guitar Duo version with the Anderson/Fader Duo
Amerarcana is now available on itunes.
Amerarcana on itunes

This piece concludes with the punchline of the Scherzo, below.


Of Course

for solo guitar, started in 1981, finished in 2003

Now available as a single on itunes.
Of Course on itunes

for solo guitar, started in 1981, finished in 2003


Scherzo (Counterpoint of Supertonics)

Scherzo (Counterpoint of Supertonics) on itunes

This piece introduces Elliott Carter's all-trichord hexachord to bourgeois (functional harmonic) society.
The punchline of this scherzo is found in the last song in Amerarcana

Scherzo - (2001-2002) is dedicated to David Starobin and his Stauffer
Scherzo - (2002-2003) for fortepiano for Robert Levin


Various Roses

Various Roses on itunes

The piece treats several tunes that refer to the rose, Es Ist Ein Rose Entsprungen, Heidenroslein, and a Rolling Stones tune (Honky Tonk Woman), and these roses vary like Goethe's urpflanze.  First Performances were at the Warebrook Festival in Vermont in July of 2005 or thereabouts.

We can play a "Where's Waldo"-sort of game:  listen for the Hendrix Foxy Lady Chord.


 GrĂ¼ne Heinrich

Grune Heinrich itnunes link


I do not really deal with Gottfried Keller's Heinrich.
This lullaby is for my son William Henry, for whom I still hope
for all the rich inner development portrayed in our favorite Bildungsromans--
Goethe's Willhelm Meister and Adalbert Stifter's Nachsommer.


My Morphine

(October, 2006, for mezzo soprano and two guitars)---covering the Gillian Welch song
Featuring Haleh Abghari, accompanied by the composer and guitarist Oren Fader

--the first popsong setting to employ a multiply partitioned array.



A Giddy Thing
for mandolin and elctronic plucked sounds

Giddy on itunes


Furious Artisas
Variations on a theme by Jermome Kern

Mvt. II  on itunes
Mvt. III on itunes
Mvt. IV on itunes



for Oren Fader
Get the Fader performance on iTunes:

1.  on iTunes
2.  on iTunes




Unexpected Reunion

I. Betrothal (2007)
II. Meanwhile (2007)
III.  2009  (just finished!  August 25, 2011)
IV.  Bride's Aria - a brief epilogue - should be finished soon


UR, almost finished,  is based on the famous story by Johann Peter Hebel, a story that was of great interest to Richard Wagner, Wittgenstein, Kafka, Heidegger, Hesse, and Walter Benjamin, and others.   Wagner made a libretto based on the story.  My version is as short as Wagner's would have been long, yet my work is nevertheless a tribute to Wagner--- I am using [0167] in exactly the same way Wagner used the diminished 7 chord.

[0167] has been ignored in tonal music.  In other words, it's been ignored as a mixed modal entity.   Any of its 4 members can be treated as a bluesey move against the other 3.   After working with this problem for a bit, I am beginning to see 0167 as the symmetry that tonal music missed.  It's horribly crunchy, but wonderfully rich when explained contrapuntally as a mixed modal thing.

guitar quartets

All written for Bodies Electric an electric guitar quartet featuring John Chang, Adam Negrin, Taro Morino, & Martin Morretto

Petit Quatuor
Vintage 2007 (d'apres Katy Perry)
Concertino (for theorbo and electric guitar quartet)
Pop Songs (for 4 electric guitars and voice)
My Morphine (d'apres Gillian Welch) for voice and electric guitar


Quant L'Herba Fresq el Fuell Apar

(August, 2006, for mezzo and 2 guitars) ---From the Provencal of Bernart de Ventadorn, his tunes and words, trans. Pound, set by Wm. Anderson.

This is a sample from the set of Provencal settings for voice and 2 guitars and guitar/mandolin with additional texts by beat poet Paul Blackburn from his Proensa.

A first edit of the Furious Artisans Records recording session, w/ Bill, Oren & Haleh:

The Death of Virgil

A work based on the novel by Hermann Broch, for two mezzos, violin, mandolin, and piano. Performed on Dec. 22, 2005 at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall.   This work could go either way, destroyed or finished.

The setting of the Horace Ode from this piece, survives.  Will record it soon.


(1997) for two gts, vln, fl,, vc and soprano 2'

First performance: Phyllis Bryn-Julson with Cygnus Ensemble, Merkin Hall, February 1998



Astor Piazzolla's Grand Tango - arranged for 'cello and guitar (originally for 'cello and piano)
"like a duet between a pop singer and a classical one." - Anne Midgette, New York Times

Con Temor Bivo & Oya Tu Merced y Creo--two pieces from the time of Columbus, for guitar solo

Fantasie I--Anthony Holborne