A Guide to Anderson on the Web

​W I L L Y on the W E B
a guide to Anderson sound and video on the web


music by Bill & friends on Soundcloud 

Djuna Barnes
Anderson's settings of 8 Poems by Djuana Barnes
writted for and performed by Vox n Plux
featuring Elizabeth Farnum and her two devoted guitarists

Old Music from Renaissance through early 20th C

Hindemith Rondo
This has not been available for very long, and it already has over 600 hits.
Very promising.  Now I know why people concentrate on faits accompli.

Morenica dame un beso
a stunt my wife & I pulled in Brno
This is guitarist (viheulist) Miguel de Fuenllana's cover of the madrigal by 
Juan Vasquez.

Francois Campion
Prelude and Fugue
live in Brno

Perotin, arr. Brickle
Sederunt Principes

Anthony Holborne 
Fantasy for solo lute
live in Brno, 2011

Charles Ives, arr.  Anderson 
Live @ Festival of New American Music, Cal State, Sacramento
Cradle Song
Those Evening Bells

Busoni, arr. Frank Brickle
Cygnus, live at the Library of Congress
Berceuse élégiaque  
(This is one of the most moving works of music ever written, beginning as a piano solo, arranged for 12 players by Arnold Schoenberg, and also orchestrated by Busoni.  The Brickle version for Cygnus  is clearly the best.  )

Busoni arr. Frank Brickle
Berceuse élégiaque
studio recording (much better richer recording than the LoC live recording)

Pop Music

Cole Porter
Night & Day
Featuring Sheer Pluck
the guitar orchestra
Live @ The Morgan Library and Museum

Jerome Kern, arr. Anderson
Long Ago and Far Away

with Cygnus

Frank Brickle's masterpiece--
Farai un Vers
live @ the Library of Congress

Faria un vers
studio recording

Jonathan Dawe
Babbitt Ballet

Mario Davidovsky
Ladino Songs
live @ Library of Congress

Under the Tafelmusik

Milton Babbitt
Swan Song No. 1

Jonathan Dawe
live @ the Guggenheim Museum

Solos, Duos, Trios

Matthew Greenbaum's
for Vox n Plux ... Elizabeth Farnum, soprano, with guitarists Anderson&Fader

Damon Ferrante
Footbridge Movement 3  (over 100K hits!)

Frank Brickle's
Ab nou cor
soprano Haleh Abghari, with Anderson on theorbo
live @ Dreamflower studio
Ab nou cor
the Furious Artisans release

Damon Ferrante
Following the River

Frank Brickle
Denk Es O Seele (Möricke)
with soprano Haleh Abghari

Jonathan Dawe

Yehudi Wyner's

Robert Pollock


Three little pieces by Olga Gorelli

Paolo e Francesca
Silent Moon
Mechanical Man

Resisting Stillness
and also
Resisting Stillness    live at the Library of Congress

Elliott Carter's
live in Brno

Frank Brickle
Genius Loci

Milton Babbitt
Soli e Duettini

Charles Wuorinen Sonata for Guitar and Piano
--part I
--part II
--part 3

Hans Eric Apostel
Sech Musiken: #1
Sech Musiken: #2
Sech Musiken: #3
Sech Musiken: #4
Sech Musiken: #6

Ernst Krenek


Hausmusik #1

Hausmusik #2

Hausmusik #3

Hausmusik #4

Hausmusik #5

Hausmusik #6

Hausmusic finale



Anderson Compositions

Djuna Barnes Settings
Settings of 8 Poems by Djuana Barnes
writted for and performed by Vox n Plux
featuring Elizabeth Farnum and her two devoted guitarists

Quant L'herba Fresq
Ezra Pound's translation of the poem by troubador Bernard de Ventadorn
This setting incorporates tunes by Ventadorn into

Commissioned by Zaidee Parkinson's and Allana Stone "Wolpe Concerts"

Various Roses  
William Anderson with violinist David Fulmer

Grüne Heinrich
live in Brno

Grüne Heinrich studio version

Of Course Live

Of Course (studio)


The Farmer is the Man
It's hard play this while singing

Variations on Jerome Kern's Long Ago and Far Away  

freelance with diverse organizations and ensembles

Playing mandolin here in the first recording of Elliott Carter's Luimen with Speculum Musicae
Carter was at the session--->


Charles Wuorinen's Psalm 39 (Group for Contemporary Music)

Jonathan Dawe
with countertenor Mark Rimple
First Fantasie
Second Fantasie

Arthur Kreiger
Suitable Attachments 
with NYNME

Mary Wright
Lizard Belly Moon

Chinary Ung
Luminous Spirals
with Da Capo Chamber Players

Interviews with Composers

--Interview with Yehudi Wyner

Yehudi interview part 1

Yehudi Interview pt. 2

Yehudi interview part 3

Yehudi interview part 4


--Interview with Mario Davidovsky

Mario interview part 1

Mario interview part 2

Mario interview part 3

Mario interview part 4