"--the alert guitarist"  ...The New York Times

"......a quasi-orchestral pallete of coloristic effects...deftly realized by Anderson as he shaped each entry with epigrammatic concentration."  .....Thomas May, The Washington Post

"--Electrifying" ...New York Times
"--astonishing....astounding arrangements" ....Paul Griffiths, The New York Times

Anderson on the Web

Upcoming Performances of Anderson's Unexpected Reunion--
"the most wonderful story in the world"---Franz Kafka

--ETA Hoffmann fleshed it out into a longer story called The Mines at Falun.
--Richard Wagner wrote a long prose sketch based on the story, planning on an opera based on this story.

January 31@ Carnegie
September, 2017 Xalapa, Vera Cruz Mexico
October 25, 2017, Salzburg, Austria,  conducted by Gertraud Steinkogler-Wurtzinger

Introducing Marsyas Web Apps

The Djuna Barnes App

The Convivencia App

Les Symbolistes Americains



October 27
Harold Meltzer's Brion, with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln  Center

--October 13 through 16

Fader/Anderson Duo does 5 shows in Vermont, showcasing Damon Ferrante's guitar duo Footbridge.

Chamber Version

of Djuna Barnes settings

William Anderson's Barnes Settings @ Riverside Symphony
------December 2 @ Merkin Hall, 8PM-----

"The world premiere of William Anderson’s scoring of Djuna Barnes verses is a flight of fancy for Riverside Symphony"....TimeOut NY

"Riverside Symphony (Wednesday) This orchestra has long presented ideally balanced programs, and here’s another: There is Grieg, Bartok and Delius, plus a Charles Avison arrangement of Domenico Scarlatti and, not least, the premiere of William Anderson’s “Djuna Barnes Settings,” sung by the contralto Elizabeth Farnum."   (Allen)

Notes HERE
Post-mortem HERE

Cygnus @ Morgan Library

Works by Laura Kaminsky, Errollyn Wallen, Damon Ferrante, Jessie Mongomery
Ezra Pound and George Antheil

June 7  
   solo guitar  works by Damon Ferrante, Harold Meltzer, Alper Maral, John McLachlan, Tolga Tuzun, Sinan Ersahin, and others

Avolo, Sicily
June 13, 19:30    Chiesa della SS. Annunziata, Avolo (SR)
with Associazione A.L. Mus.
Artistic Director: Maestro Sebastiano Bell'Arte

Solo guitar music by Damon Ferrante and Andrea Schiavo

Musica Ostinata
Nell'Europa del XVII secolo

Ensemble Harmoniosi Concenti
Paola Modicano, canto
Letizia Viniguerra, violino
Angelo Litrico flauto, dritto
Barbara Colombo, viola da gamba
William Anderson, guitar e tiorba
Andrea Schiavo, arciliuto & chitarra barocca
Luca Ambrosio, clavicembalo

Istanbul Guitar Festival

May 22-

Solo guitar performance with

Mertz *Bardenklange* and *Mazurkas & Polonaises*, Op. 3
Damon Ferrante's *Following the River* (premiere)
Tolga Tuzun's      *and they fell....one by one*  (premiere)
Alper Maral         *and then the waters ebbed and we were left standing, just like that*
Harold Meltzer    *Doria Pamphili*  

Sinan Ersahin    *Cancion y Danza*
William Anderson    *Grüne Heinrich*
Charles Wuorinen   *Hexadactyl*




Search Results

  • Spring & Summer, Fall 2014

    Performances with Ebb & Flow Arts in Maui on August 8, and Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, Mexico, the next 6 months are devoted to composing *Poe's Mother* --Settings of poems by Djuna Barnes for Vox n Plux--the celebrated soprano Elizabeth Farnum with her two plucked string players, Bill & Oren -- first performance will be October 30 at the Italian...
  • 2015 archive

    Recently performed solo in Istanbul, Florence and NYC (Spectrum). New music and early music in Sicily--works by Harold Meltzer, Damon Ferrante, William Anderson, Tolga Tuzun, Sinan Ersahin, and Alper Maral. and they fell one by one by Tolga Tuzun October 16, 2015 Wolpe Fund Concert Venue, TBA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq1Qw92TySU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5bJdl_R1oQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bACj3OwP1Gs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDuvDUw6xSo New works by Anderson, Dawe, Wyner, Meltzer Just digesting...
  • July 2016 Ebb & Flow Arts

    I am now in Maui for Ebb & Flow Arts, to do works by Charles Wuorninen, Emil Awad, Robert Pollock and William Anderson. I am the token guitarist at Ebb & Flow's Piano Synergy weekend. So grateful to Ebb & Flow, and its director Robert Pollock for this extraordinary effort. Ebb & Flows productions are noteworthy because Pollock ignores cockeyed...
  • 2016

    Recording projects---> Emil Awad's *Fouad* Jose Saldana's *Homenaje a Joe Pass* Anderson works: *Afterlight* words by Kirsten Anderson Epicurean Song from The Death of Virgil May 10 Babbitt Centennial Bash featuring Wuorinen's *Cygnus* for tutti Cygnus, with 2 electric guitars Brickle's *Farai un vers* Dawe's *Glass Harmonica* Anderson's *Concertino* Konrad Kaczmarek's -new work tba- Babbitt *Vision & Prayer* w/Elizabeth Farnum...
  • Damon Ferrante's *Footbridge*

    The list of big 21st C. issues that Damon Ferrante has solved is impressive: New Complexity Dissonance & and unplayable polyrhythms are not, by themselves, complex. Dissonant music and music with crazy rhythms *can* be complex too. It's neither the dissonance nor the scary rhythms that make it so. If a discreet harmonic universe is to be sustained to Brahmsian...
  • Unexpected Reunion

    R e s u r r e c t i o . Unverhofftes Wiedersehen/Unexpected Reunion William Anderson's musical treatment of the story by Johann Peter Hebel adapted by the composer from the translation by John Hibberd ------"The most wonderful story in the world"--Franz Kafka---- ​Tickets: Carnegie Box Office or 212 247 7800 Johann Peter Hebel (10 May 1760 – 22...
  • Unverhofftes Wiedersehn

    UNVERGOFFTES WIEDERSEHEN William Andersons musikalische Behandlung der Geschichte von Johann Peter Hebel, nach der Übersetzung von John Hibberd. ------"Die wunderbarste Geschichte, die es gibt."--Franz Kafka---- Johann Peter Hebel (10. Mai 1760 – 22. September 1826) schrieb in alemannischem Dialekt. Sein Werk brachte ihm die höchste Anerkennung von vielen der großen Schriftsteller seiner Zeit und darüber hinaus — Goethe, Tolstoy, Hesse,...
  • July & August, 2011 concerts

    I do picaresque solo guitar programs all summer long, in the U.S. and Europe. Picaresque? The guitar is a picaresque instrument. Andres Segovia made a comment to Mexican composer Manuel Ponce in a well known letter, praising one of Ponce's works, calling it, "picaresque". Composers joust with musical norms in exactly the same way the picaro (rogue) pushes the limits...
  • Japan, Mexico, California

    J a p a n t o u r August, 2013 Rodrigo's Concierto Aramjuez at the Maebashi Concert Hall, Gunma, with Dina Koston's "Set of Three"; Wuorinen's Sonata for Guitar & Piano; Blasphemy (for guitar & piano) by Shoko Suzuki International F e s t i v a l C a m e r a t a 21 Veracruz, Mexico--September...


  • 21st Century Gamuts

    I think of the 3rd structural key as the one the composer elects, while the 2nd structural key (dominant) is "natural", because it is found on every time scale including the smallest--the overtone series. Examples: In Haydn Ab piano sonata, the 3rd structural key is f minor, and every detail from small to large points to f minor, just as,...
  • A Defense of CIA-funded Cold War Musical Research

    Milton Babbitt, a card carrying positivist whose Cold War music was funded by the CIA, wrote somewhere, "if music is to continue to evolve".... A preemptive strike: eugenics was very much in the positivist spirit. The remark doesn't have to be so insidious. You can decide. Babbitt's music evolved, and flowered in the truly transcendental late works. Babbitt furthered Schoenberg's...
  • A Passage by Damon Ferrante

    Non-diatonic Symmetries are a Sometime Thing This is from Damon Ferrante's solo guitar piece, *Following the River*. (work in progress) I am preparing this work for a performance in Istanbul on May 22 of this year (2015). I became familiar with Ferrante's music through his *Footbridge*, for two guitars--a symphony for two guitars, about 30 minutes long. Here's a bit...
  • Black Swans in the Rest That's Noise

    ----Sibelius!---- Alex Ross and Leon Botstein have found an interesting and useful vantagepoint. It enfolds Bang on a Can, and enlists that effort on its behalf. It is a vantagepoint that works very well with the 50 and over demographic--patrons of the not-youth-music scene. They are up for serious stuff--one doesn't have to be banging on cans to appeal to...
  • More Barnes Notes

    Riverside Symphony December 2 @ Merkin Hall Eight Rhythms/Six Songs Djuna Barnes Settings world premiere for Vox n Plux and String Orchestra featuring soprano Elizabeth Farnum commissioned by the Riverside Symphony celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of Barnes first volume of poetry These settings of poems by Djuna Barnes begin with a key sample from her first published...
  • John Cage, the Pre-Raphaelite

    John Cage @ 100! John Cage was the Pre-Raphaelite to end all Pre-Raphaelites. There are remnants of the Pre-Rahapelite movement in New York State, like Narnia, where there are memories of a some past reality, a crazy pre-reality TV world. ---In Manhattan, notably, among much more, there is the Woolworth building and Tudor City. ---In Westchester look at Scarsdale--the little...
  • Screaming for Sibelius

    "A language and a style are blind forces; a mode of writing is an act of solidarity.”--Roland Barthes in his essay “Writing Degree Zero”. At the moment, there is little solidarity in the act of composing music. Boulez called for it when he said (paraphrasing) everyone has to look into what Schoenberg did. What Boulez meant is terribly clear to...
  • Post-mortem: Riverside Symphony does Djuna Barnes Settings

    Anderson/Korf Djuna Barnes Settings Co-founder/Artistic Director/Composer-in-Residence of the Riverside Symphony is Anthony Korf. Korf was captivated by my Barnes settings for Vox n Plux--a trio consisting of guitarists Wm. Anderson (me, the composer) & Oren Fader, with the unprecedented, mold-breaking soprano Elizabeth Farnum (who spearheaded the trio,). I now think of the Vox n Plux version, the "UrBarnes", found here...
  • Concertino for two guitars & strings

    October 16, 2015 Wolpe Fund Concert Leonard Nimoy Thalia @ Symphony Space *Concertino* with new works Dawe, Wyner, Meltzer. My *Concertino* I didn't intend this. It just happened--the Ennio Morricone opening. It's Bill & Oren as R2D2 & 3CPO / the two loners in Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress / various Sergio Leone figures / Quentin Tarrantino, etc.... After Tarrantino, &...
  • Singing & Playing

    Two Anderson settings of Djuna Barnes @ the Morgan Library More singing & playing: Con mi morenica Joan Forsyth planted in the audience in Brno---> Elliott Carter's *Shard* This folksong setting is paired with Carter because it derives Carter's beloved all-trichord hexachord through a contrapuntal amalgum of supertonic harmonies. The song doesn't fit my voice very well at all---> Very...
  • Dawe's *Braggadocio* (Brno)

    Jonathan Dawe's Braggadocio (correctly spelled with two "g"s and one "c".) Brno Guitar Festival, 2011 talking stops at 1:55 (skip it!)
  • Babbitt & Historicism

    Babbitt & Historicism ( work in progress--email comments to me, please, at wanderso@slc.edu ) In the famous & infamous “Who Cares if You Listen?” article in Stereo Review, Babbitt used the word, “evolve”. His detractors and even some of his admirers pounced on that. In later program notes he spoke of music being “everything it can be”. It can do...
  • Andrew Imbrie's *Adam*

    Andrew Imbrie is one of the precious few great American composers, and we have to thank Anthony Korf, George Rothman, Harold Rosenbaum, Riverside Symphony, and the New York Virtuoso Singers for championing Imbrie last night with a performance of a significant portion of *Adam*, for chorus and orchestra. The performance happened at The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, on...
  • Anthony Holborne's Fantasy (Brno)

  • Prelude & Fugue by F. Campion

  • A Guide to Anderson on the Web

    ​W I L L Y on the W E B a guide to Anderson sound and video on the web music by Bill & friends on Soundcloud Djuna Barnes Anderson's settings of 8 Poems by Djuana Barnes writted for and performed by Vox n Plux featuring Elizabeth Farnum and her two devoted guitarists Old Music from Renaissance through early 20th...
  • Ernst Krenek's Hausmusik

    So charming. Innova recently posted them all on Youtube, where I rediscovered them. Tom Zajac died tragically before his time. He played all the recorder parts here with such fire and conviction. On the Youtube posts, Innova did not mention all the great musicians---> Tom Zajac, recorders Jacqueline Carrasco, violin Joan Forsyth, piano I Raj Bhimani, piano II Wiliiam Anderson,...
  • Notes on Taruskin

    I must offer my experience to correct for some omissions and inaccuracies in Taruskin's discussion of Babbitt. --I am grateful for his making the distinction with regard to Boulez. Boulez used his techniques to be a rebel. I would add that, particularly with Le Marteau sans Maitre, he used fancy techniques to sound exotic. (Elsewhere I will discuss some aspects...
  • Jonathan Dawe's *Sirens*

    Jonathan Dawe *Sirens* countertenor Mark Rimple, with William Anderson, guitar & James Hogg, viola Innova recently licensed all of their recordings with Youtube. Here are the links's to *Sirens*----> First Fantasie Ballade Second Fantasie Ground Mark Rimple is an early music guy as well as a composer, and we're hoping that the early music people fall in love with this...
  • Wormhole to Mexico

    3 sneak previews of recordings that are in the works in collaboration with Festival International Camerata XXI (FICXXI): Fouad, by Emil Awad Homenaje a Joe Pass, by José Saldaña Metaphor, by Robert Pollock Background: Sheer Pluck Guitar Orchestra & Ebb & Flow Arts, along with CUNY & Rice University have built a wormhole to Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico and FICXXI. In...
  • The Story of the Cuban Dancers, Anderson, Meltzer & Garant

    Castro's departure reminded me of this: Mangrove Music by Harold Meltzer Choreography by Josee Garant William Anderson, solo guitarist Miami, 2010 Most of Josee's dancers were Cuban defectors, and in 2010 they had defected recently. They were on tour in Mexico and managed to get across the border into New Mexico or Arizona. From there, they all managed to find...
  • Julius Evola

    A friend who studies the right told me that he suspects Bannon reads Evola. He feels that the heavy lifters on the right, people like Bannon, are hip to Evola. As Kleist says, in the process of writing we can learn things we didn't know we knew, and I'm going to try that here. I have an inkling of what...
  • The Captor's Image, by Basil Dufallo

    Buy the book on Amazon I have been grazing at this fascinating book that looks at discussions of Romans writing about Greek art. Through these discussions the Romans define or redefine Greek art while also establishing their own identity. “Vergil’s account of sculptures by the legendary Greek artist Daedalus in *Aeneid 6, with its visual narrative of deception, lust, wandering,...
  • Resurrectio, an uprising @ Carnegie, Weill

    Tickets: Carnegie Box Office or 212 247 7800 an u p r i s i n g works by Jonathan Dawe, Anthony Korf, William Anderson, Nehemiah Luckett Marsyas Productions f e a t u r i n g ​SHEER PLUCK GUITAR ORCHESTRA, HEBEL SINGERS Mark Shapiro, conductor soprano Rachel Zevita, mezzo soprano Elizabeth Farnum, baritone Davone Tines, pianist Adam Nielsen,...
  • more Wagnerian Eros&Thanatos

    We're following up on the discussion of Unferhofftes Wiedersehen/Unexpected Reunion here with another short, short and closely related story, Greifensee, by Robert Walser. While there is nothing so transparant as Wagner's aural, musical emblem of Eros & Thanatos, Greifensee is one of the best examples I've ever seen of Eros/Thanatos as a unity, a continuum, in literature. Unferhofftes Wiedersehen was...
  • Mehr Wagnerischer Eros & Thanatos

    MEHR WAGNERISCHER EROS & THANATOS Wir knüpfen an die Behandlung von Unverhofftes Wiedersehen an, mit einer weiteren kurzen, kurzen und eng verwandten Geschichte, Greifensee, von Robert Walser. Während nichts so erkennbar ist, wie Wagners aurales, melodisches Sinnbild von Eros & Thanatos, ist Greifensee das beste Beispiel für Eros/Thanatos als eine Einheit und ein Kontinuum in der Literatur, das ich je...
  • Taruskin--Grand Narratives and Mini Narratives I

    I've mentioned that Taruskin is guilty of creating a grand narrative that is just as high flyin' Hegelian as that which Schoenberg perpetrated. Taruskin's grand narrative is that Western Music evaporated into hyper literality (at the expense of orality) in a reductio ad absurdam. Reactions to my first statements about Taruskin suggested that I was being too apologetic. True in...
  • More Taruskin--Grand Narratives and Mini Narratives II

    I have been offering some recent mini-narratives--> 1--Babbitt's late blooming diatonicism 2--21st C. composers de-coupling techniques from the sounds associated with them. I wish to compare these with other mini-narratives. The last movement of Brahms’s op. 114 was a mind-blowing surprise to me. I was taught that Schoenberg’s 12-tone thing was a Hegelian ego trip. After hearing and noting what...
  • Bach WTC Book I @ Spectrum

    JOTTINGS Blair McMillen is on the left; then Jed Distler; in front of Jed is the back of Lisa Moore's head?; then Joan Forsyth; in front of Joan to the right is Sandra Sprecher. July 28, 7PM @ Spectrum I am delighted to report of a lovely evening at Spectrum last night. 24 pianists were asked to perform a prelude...
  • Riverside Symphony does Anderson's Djuna Barnes Settings

    December 2 @ Merkin Hall Eight Rhytms/6 Songs Djuna Barnes Settings George Rothman, conductor featuring vocalist Elizabeth Farnum and Oren Fader, guitar & Dan Lippel, mandolin, guitar, theorbo Tickets---> Riverside Symphony Webite These songs define my 21 C. I sometimes call it, "post-maximalist" other times, "hyper-minimalist". Most important is that Djuana Barnes & I are perfect for each other. Setting...
  • Concertino--Oct. 16 @ Leonard Nimoy, Thalia

    Wolpe Fund Concert The Wolpe Fund was created last year by Zaidee Parkinson & Alanna Stone. For that first round, I composed a set of poems by the great unsung American hero, Djuna Barnes. That cycle is now expanded and tranformed into an orchestral work that will be performed by the Riverside Symphony on December 8. This year, the Wolpe...
  • Babbitt & Boulez

    The poetics of the music of Pierre Boulez, I contend, are close to the development we see from Poe through Boudelaire and Mallarme to Valery. Boulez most likely began with an interest in having his techniques have nothing to do with what's heard, as Taruskin correctly outlines, but Boulez liked what he heard. With Le Marteau, he became a composer....
  • Aphorisms

    We see comprehension and we see incomprehension. We love the former and are impatient with the latter. However, give incomprehension the time and space to ripen into something interesting. ///// Death: Mastering the trope trumps the fear thereof, for a time..... [[ #carreerism. ]] //////////// The Chinese landscape poets put the birth of tragedy into negative relief. [[ #nietzsche ]]...
  • Gnosticism, Brokeback Mt. & Suddenly Last Summer

    Or.... Love and Death, American Style Someone has to point out the parallels between Brokeback Mountain and Tennesee William's Suddenly Last Summer. Plug: Speaking of Wuorinen's upcoming opera, *Brokeback Mountain*-- The Anderson/Fader Guitar Duo, aka, the Cygnus Guitarists -- will soon release Wuorinen's sterling little guitar duo, *Dodecadactyl* on Furious Artisans Records. It would make us very happy to see...
  • Hilton Kramer

    Hilton Kramer Many of us happen to share his predudices. I don't pay attention to installations, performance art, Judy Chicago, Whitney Museum, etc. It's all just so much noise to me. Where I differ-- I concede that there is overwhealmingly powerful psychology behind the art I don't like. Yet that doesn't make me care about it any more. Another point--...
  • Koston's Distant Intervals

    What Beckett Taught Me About Dina Koston's Music The recent Koston celebrations at the Library of Congress provoked some very positive and warm responses to Koston's muisc. I was delighted to find that. I was sad, but not so surprised to find that the praise was not unanimous. Koston's *Distant Intervals* was presented as a musical reflection of Beckett's Ohio...
  • ISCM World Music Days in Wrocław, Poland, 2014

    ISCM World Music Days Wrocław, Poland October 2014 At the ISCM General Assembly, a slide show was presented by Max Yin, Executive Director of the Beijing Modern Music Festival (BMMF). There in that slide show, I was amazed to see a remarkable representation of a broad range of American composers—clear evidence of interest in the US scene. Thank you, BMMF!...
  • Lecture in Istanbul

    Lecture at Vildiz Technical University Alper Maral, composer and musicologist, collaborator, and friend, asked me to give a talk at his University. We agreed that I would talk about 21st C. Music and the Guitar. We also agreed that I am a Babbitt guy, and that I might explain what he was all about. I am quickly trying to record...
  • Manufactured Innocence

    After the crash in 1929, the US saw a united effort to recreate innocence. Disney was at the forefront. His work from the '20s was edgy. See Mickey get more cute into the '30s. There are many other examples. The movie industry self-censored. Three on a Match It's odd, but I find myself now in sympathy with the project of...
  • Music as a Concretization of Phenotype

    text here
  • Musical Symmetries and Emmy Loether

    --Musical resonances with Noether's Theorem-- Emmy Noether's theorem was summaraized nicely by Natalie Angier in today's Science Times-- "What the revolutionary theorem says, in cartoon essence, is the following: Wherever you find some sort of symmetry in nature, some predictability or homogeneity of parts, you’ll find lurking in the background a corresponding conservation — of momentum, electric charge, energy or...
  • new CD! -- music of F. Brickle

    Ab nou cor Music of Frank Brickle is the title of my most recent CD with Cygnus. Released by Furious Artisans --> http://furiousartisans.com/catalog/ab-nou-cor-music-of-frank-brickle On Facebook Brickle & I go back over 20 years, and I've been a great fan throughout. I started out admiring the way he would have lovely, prolonged moments of diatonic (good old-fashioned tonal) harmony in his...
  • *Our* Bad Habits

    *Our Bad Habits* Modernism was motivated to a great degree by a disgust with inauthenticity-- ideals, images, values that survived longer than they should have survived, becoming bad habits. The cases of England and Austria have certain affinities, despite the fact that England went the other way, while Austria clung to the old order. This is seen in the affinity...
  • Music of the Dystopia

    What does the work of our composers today, in 2017, tell us about the disintegration of the US? Robert Musil & Hermann Broch both wrote titanic novels (The Man Without Qualities and The Sleepwalkers) about the end of the Austro-Hungarian empire. But those works came after the fact. Both were written after WWI. (They may have been in the works...
  • Sounding Beckett

    Sounding Beckett www.soundingbeckett.com Sounding Beckett Press & Reviews “Sounding Beckett” is directed by Joy Zinoman, the founding artistic director of the Studio Theater in Washington (she stepped down in 2010), who chose the plays and has staged them with a glamorous starkness and a clear respect for the works’ purity. They alternate with original musical compositions that they inspired, performed...
  • Superarrays

    Superarrays This is a report of my latest discussions and thoughts about superarrays, following a meeting with theorists and composers at the CUNY Graduate Center, which is now a great hotbed of Babbitt study, with Joe Straus, Jeff Nichols, Zach Bernstein and Daniel Colson all there at the same time. Joe presides there as the seasoned Babbitt scholar, Zach and...
  • Parallel Musical Universe

    A monthly posting of non-pop songs of pop-music proportions. ....you enter a Staabuks ... ...and you are blasted with something unexpected.... --non-pop that pushes against artsong --or non-pop songs that push against WAM --not much more than 4 minutes in length --not much much less than 2 minutes in length Please send links to your Parallel Musical Universe songs for...
  • Fritz Kreisler

    Cygnus and friends gave a Kreisler celebration at the Library of Congress on February 3 of this year. The Library cleverly paired a living American composer--Haorld Meltzer--with Kreisler. The Library had Meltzer write a new work for violin and piano, Kreisleriana, a McKim Fund commission. Charles T. Downey describes the event here--> http://ionarts.blogspot.com/2012/02/cygnus-ensemble-at-loc.html I appreciate the good fight that Mr....